These guys are so fun!! The evening was beautiful and we got so many great shots. The cute big brother was trying so hard to cooperate until I asked for thumbs in pockets and that was the final straw!! “NOOOOOOOOOO! I hate that!” HA! He was hilarious. So there is only one shot with his thumb in the pocket. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again. Heehee

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This darling horse is Hailey and her beautiful rider is a client who trains on her for rodeos. Her momma setup the perfect shoot with her styling, the horse, the river and lots of helpers to make it all happen. I just love when clients go out of their way to make a session special to them.

Abby Hailey-14
Abby Hailey-2
Abby Hailey-3
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Abby Hailey-11

I met this darling mom years ago before she even dreamed of being a wife and mommy. Then her darling husband worked for my brother and I’ve had the privilege of seeing them get married, have a baby and grow into this beautiful little family!! So for today’s shoot we met, hopped in the car together and just drove til we found the right spot. Being a non “outdoorsy” type of gal (ha! that’s putting it lightly) I had no idea these ponds were located so close. A cute little silver bullet of a camper was parked and a cute older gentleman was getting ready to fish when we pulled up. We played with the light and giggled while 3 of us worked to get a smile from baby. Then as the sun set, we enjoyed the beautiful light and the little family snuggled close together. While mom was quieting baby in her arms, dad leaned down and said “I just love watching her be a mom”. It was the cutest, tender moment and I too loved watching her be a mom. Love you guys!!

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  • Tiff - absolutely darling. Love their outfits. Gorgeous light as always!

You would never know it from these pictures, but the little guy was NOT interested in modeling this day. He would run over and smile, then run away and be sad. I was trying not to laugh but seriously 0 to 60 and back to 0 in seconds flat. We ended up with great shots though and I was totally entertained. HA! Love you guys!

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Tyler & Lisha web-1
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