You’ll recognize that gorgeous senior from our family shoot where I totally tripped. AUGH! She had her dance the night we shot so we got everything in before heading home to her date. Such a darling girl!

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**ALERT: EMBARRASSING STORY AHEAD! KEEP READING** When this amazing mom called to tell me that there would be guns & camo in their pictures I wasn’t totally sure where we were going with that. HA! But I love them!! They drove up from Vegas for some “hunting” locations we could take their pics. So we ventured out and about into some beautiful spots with trees and streams and a little hiking. Smart ME wore boot (dress boots made for style not function). As I was straddling a small stream or propped on a cliff side the sweet father teased me about falling. I assured him it has been years since I fell during a shoot and luckily I’m the one with the camera if it does happen.  So after all the climbing, balancing and hiking we ended at a nice flat area with trees and foliage. Last setup of the evening, totally calm and FLAT grounded I catch my pant leg on a downed tree branch and  start to fall..picture me with my camera arm straight up in the air (cause that’s the first thing you learn-protect your expensive gear), shaking the leg caught on the tree while twisting to try and catch myself. Finally landing with a thud all twisted up with camera arm still straight up in the air. The branches cut my leg through my pants on both sides of both legs, my arm has road rash from said branches and I’m looking up at the dad who has this “I would be concerned but that was quite hilarious” look on his face. The next day I could not even move I was so sore. So there ya go….I’ve broken my 3 year streak of not falling. Hoping I can go 4 this time. Despite my mishap…check out this darling family!

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As you can tell “Phyllis’ Field” has been a popular location this year. Families see it and want to go there. The tall trees filter through this yummy light and creates a gorgeous setting. This adorable family is full of energy and I was so thrilled to hear they are expecting!! YAY!! Baby for 2015! You should have seen the girls halloween costumes the talented mamma made…TO DIE FOR!!

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  • Tiff - These are all so beautiful!! Love all these shoots and colors!!! You’re so great!

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