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It’s been a long time coming but I am so thrilled with my new site. I’ll be easier to find and remember and it reflects me so much more!! A special thanks to Blush Creative Studio for jumping into my jumbled mind and creating just what I wanted!!

So come visit me at www.alishashaw.com

I’m so excited to be teaching my Momtography 101 workshop again this year. It is for any mom who wants to use their DSLR better and those looking to get into photography. We go into great detail and you leave shooting in Manual Mode! Wahoo!!

Signup now for early bird pricing through March 14.

Signup Here:Mom-tography Workshop


  • Jamey bracken - I want to be a good photographer is that what you teach?

  • Alisha - Yes mam!! I would love to have you attend

I know, I know… I took the holidays off and loved focusing on my family, but boy do I have some catching up to do. Let’s start with this darling family who all met in Southern Utah for some holiday fun! Yep that’s what our scenery looks like in December…you really should come visit 😉

aaFamily 2014-56
aaFamily 2014-3
aaFamily 2014-5
aaFamily 2014-8
aaFamily 2014-24
aaFamily 2014-48
aaFamily 2014-57
aaFamily 2014-63

  • Tiff - Darling!! LOVE that location. Beautiful colors!!!

I seriously have a problem with time-these twins were just born yesterday I swear!! And now look at them running, talking, playing….oooo I just wanna scoop them up and take them home. Such a darling family and beautiful night. There was a little ring-around-the-rosey, a little racing, and a little snacking that went on in the field. We are so lucky to keep our warmer weather here while other parts of the country are getting pounded with winter.

On a side note, I’m booking February and March so let me know soon if you are wanting spring pics and we can get you scheduled. Blossoms, sun, spring! Just around the corner.

Burt Family web-1
Burt Family web-2
Burt Family web-3
Burt Family web-4
Burt Family web-5
Burt Family web-6
Burt Family web-7
Burt Family web-8


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